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Fast, Secure & customized Shopify Checkout App.

Introducing our private app that seamlessly integrates with your Shopify store, providing a custom checkout experience powered by Square. Elevate your customer’s shopping journey with a checkout page that mirrors the look and feel of Shopify’s native checkout, while leveraging the robust capabilities of Square for payment processing.

Key Features:

  • Square Payment Gateway Compatibility: Ensure secure and efficient payment processing with Square, the preferred choice for CBD and Functional Remedies stores.
  • Seamless Shopify Integration: Our app blends perfectly with your existing Shopify store, maintaining a consistent user experience.
  • Identical Checkout Design: Enjoy a checkout page that looks exactly like Shopify’s, preserving the familiarity and trust of your customers.
  • Unified Domain Experience: Keep your checkout process under your store’s domain name for a cohesive brand experience.
  • Fully Customizable Checkout: Tailor the checkout page to your specific needs. Whether you want to add or remove fields or tweak the design, we’ve got you covered. Contact us for personalized adjustments!

Transform your checkout process today with our custom solution and provide your customers with a seamless, secure, and familiar shopping experience.

How it works


Order the package online, add your myshopkfy URL & user/pass.


Transparency is important to us. Our implementation fee is $500 and then $50/month.

Done & Done

We keep you in the loop at any time so you understand where we are at with the implementation of the app.


Start accepting credit cards for your store with a one of a kind custom checkout page that integrates with Shopify.

Custom Shopify
checkout page

Are you trying to integrate Square payments on Shopify your e-commerce store? We got you covered, now with Webinopoly’s custom Shopify app, you will be able to accept payments using Square payment gateway and have seamless integration with Shopify.

features this custom
checkout page offers

This private app will allow your customers to add products to cart and check them out using a custom checkout page that looks exactly the same as Shopify’s checkout page and processes the credit card details using Square payment gateway. Here are some of the features this custom checkout page offers:



Compatible with Square payment gateway.



Square payments is a go-to solution for CBD & Functional Remedies stores.



 Seamless integration with Shopify.


Same as Shopify

The checkout page looks exactly the same as Shopify checkout page.


Same Domain

The checkout page works under the same domain name as your store.



The checkout page is totally customizable, please contact us if you need to add or remove any fields from it, or maybe change the design.

Get In Touch

Contact us to learn more about our app.